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Residential Ventilation and Air Conditioning System
December 17, 2017

Heating, Air Conditioning and Air Extraction System in Agora Office Workspace

To create in the office a comfortable and highly productive environment for the people. Combine heating, air conditioning and air extraction system in order to match clients’ budget.

  • Considering that the only heating source was a gas boiler and the aim was to cover the whole area of the office (3 meeting rooms, kitchen, bathroom and a huge open space), we decided to combine the existing heating system with new Air Conditioning (Daikin) using the boiler room and chiller from the roof top.
  • Environment control was done by using temperature and humidity controllers in each meeting room and 2 in the open space area (one on north side and one on the south side)
  • For the ventilation, we installed MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) from KomfoVent creating a very efficient saving of energy because of the innovative rotor heat exchange system that is used by Komfovent. The amount of circulation of fresh air in the office is 3500 m3/h.
  • A healthy and high productive environment for Agora’s employers
  • Innovative ventilation system that saves around 50% of the cost on heating
  • Comfortable working place for the people during the hot and cold period created by new Air Conditioning
  • Installation works was done without delays
  • Happy client