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Heating, Air Conditioning and Air Extraction System in Agora Office Workspace
December 17, 2017
Heating and Air Conditioning System in Mobelland Showroom
December 2, 2017

Residential Ventilation and Air Conditioning System

Client requested a residential ventilation and air conditioning system considering interior comfort and energy efficiency.

  • We designed the ventilation system with heat recovery using innovative rotor system which reduces 5x the heating costs. In order to create a healthy and efficient air circulation in the apartment we installed the fresh air supply source in the clean areas, such as bedroom and living room creating over pressure and extraction in the grease areas, as bathroom and kitchen and cloakroom creating depression.
  • This way fresh and clean air is delivered to the areas where people are sleeping and resting but humidity and bad smells are removed through exhaust air extraction.
  • Smart controller of the ventilation system is able to set-up the temperature and amount of fresh air for each day. For the Air Conditioning, we used wall mounted Daikin 2,5 kw units with “smart eye”.
  • A ventilation and air conditioning system that is 100% automated, based on set-up settings, that requires people intervention only to change the filters one in 3 months.
  • Reducing heating energy costs
  • Installation done without delays