Residential Ventilation and Air Conditioning System
December 17, 2017

Heating and Air Conditioning System in Mobelland Showroom

The aim was to create a heating and air conditioning system that is comfortable and effective for the employees and visitors.

  • We have installed a ventilation system with heat recovery in order to reduce energy cost for the pre-heating of the supplied fresh air. For the toilet extraction, we’ve done an independent system.
  • In order to create a controlled air circulation and avoiding the circulation of unpleasant odors from the cooking masterclass area in the commercial zone, the fresh air is supplied in the commercial/showroom area and offices but air extraction in the cooking masterclass zone.
  • Air Conditioning (Daikin) – Ducted system in order to cover the entire area and to increase the efficiency of the conditioning. We’ve used uncovered fan coils as a heating system.
  • Energy efficiency system with low cost for the ventilation system due to smart controller
  • Installation done in the allocated schedule of works without delays
  • Another Happy client